"The evolution of a name"

Some people ask—"where the heck did Jake-a-Lake Ink come from?"  Since I get that question so often, I hope that this little explanation will suffice….

My real name is Steve, and so is my dad’s. When I was a little kid, everyone in the family and neighborhood used to call me JR (short for junior, since that’s what I was). They used to call me other things as well, but we won’t go into that now…..

Well, I went by JR for quite a few years, until that silly little night-time soap opera—Dallas. I guess one day things reached critical mass with the "who shot you—JR?" jokes, and the family decided that I needed a new nickname. I don’t know why they decided, I was the one that was getting the jokes….As a kid with a last name like Farmer though, you get used to it all.

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