The Ability to Reach The Specialized Market
You may think that the Internet isn't a good place to be for your business. To test your suspicions, get online and conduct a search on your particular subject of business. You will find other businesses like yours already there. Since the Web has several very good search programs, your interest group will be able to find your Web Site, or unfortunately--- your competitors'. Which would you rather have it be?
Increase your Professionalism

Your customers will be impressed with your 'forward looking' vision and feel more comfortable about doing business with you. It will only be a short matter of time before customers call just to ask where they can get information about your business operation on the Web.
Imagine customers running searches for YOUR business activity and YOUR business' own WEB SITE coming up!  Since that person ended up at your web site by specifically LOOKING for information about YOUR business, you stand to sell a much higher percentage to them. Additionally, as consumer confidence about e-commerce increases, they will remember those busineses they've become familiar with and go back to them for their on-line purchases.
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