Fastest Growing Medium in the World
The Internet is the fastest growing marketing and communications medium in the world. Time Magazine reported in the summer of 1996 that the Internet had recorded an 81% rate of annual growth. This rate increased in 1997 and the size of the Internet is expected to double by the end of 1998. Experts predict that the Internet will grow from about 50 million today to over 200 million customers on-line by the year 2000.

Worldwide Marketing
Expand your business out of your home town or city into the emerging global market place. You may not be able to make sense of the mail, phone and regulation systems in all your potential international markets, but with a Web site, you can open up a dialogue with international markets as easily as with the company across the street.

Internet as the Great Equalizer
Only on the Internet can you compete head-on with large or Fortune 500 companies. You can implement things faster, provide better service, and have a better understanding of what your target market wants and needs. (next page)

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