Are you an Arizona business looking to set up a presence on the internet with a web page or site? Big or small, I can help.   Have you put off building a presence on the Internet because of cost? Would you like to have that Web presence, but are just not ready to deal with all the headache involved with setting up your computer and Internet account?
Take a look at what we offer in the way of getting you online.


For less than 1/2 of what everyone else out there is paying, I can design/build your business an attractive, eye-catching web site that is easy to navigate. Also included is the submission of your new site to all the major search engines to get you started with the on-line promotion of your new Internet presence. We can even set you up with an "in-house" visit to get you on-line headache free!

Take a look at what Jake-a-Lake Ink  can do for you visit our  clients  page.

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